How to Be Elegant by Michele Connolly


My wife has just launched her latest book.

She’s a rare mix of skills – not only is she a funny and insightful writer (and very creative), but she’s also very technical. She taught herself how to use a bunch of tools to prepare it, then format it for Kindle, upload, set up Stripe and PayPal, build out a site on PayHip and integrate it into her website. Everything from start to finish. 

But on top of that there’s something really smart she’s done strategically – she’s made this a Short Read. She’s seen the trends with short form video and short form writing (eg Threads) and is embracing this for her writing projects. If you’ve ever read a full book and thought ‘this should have been half the size’ then you know what I mean. Respect the reader’s time. Provide the value, without the guff.

Without giving away anything… I’ve seen what she’s got planned for the coming months, and I think it’s going to be very successful.

Grab her short reads book now – it’s only 3 bucks.

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