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VFP: VFPx and Southwest Fox

It’s been a little while since I visited the VFPx site – and boy is it coming along nicely. (For those that don’t know VFPx is the open source add-on community for Visual FoxPro) I like how they’ve categorised all the projects by Release type: Production, Release Candidate, Beta, Alpha, etc. VFPx is the place to get all the Sedna goodness of course, but there’s also plenty of other...

Microsoft Fiji naming fiasco – not the first time

Having your code name objected to is nothing new. This (possibly hoax) story about Fiji (the island nation) objecting to Microsoft’s use of ‘Fiji’ as a code name is nothing new. Most recently this happened when the Visual FoxPro team were releasing the Sedna Add-ons and received numerous complaints from the inhabitants of Neptune :-)
(via Mary Jo Foley)
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VFP: Visual FoxPro Sedna release – biggest launch ever!

TechCrunch went into meltdown with the news. CNN covered it live. And Super Tuesday has been rescheduled to cope with the disruption… Amazingly though, in what I can only imagine is an embarrassing oversight, there was no press release about it. In possibly the tiniest launch announcement I've ever seen (you'll need hours to read through this comprehensive overview – NOT)...

Visual FoxPro Sedna… the wait continues

I'm with Andrew MacNeill on this – where's Sedna? Craig Boyd notes it is imminent. There's been a bit of palava about whether Microsoft should fix SP2 before releasing Sedna. I'm all for getting out Sedna as quickly as possible. Who knows what issues we might have in SP2 that are only highlighted by Sedna? Bring it on. I have a bit of a record for complaining about something...

Craig Boyd discusses the Vista progress bar in VFP

A nice little post from Craig Boyd covering the various Vista progress bar states and how they can be controlled in  Visual FoxPro (VFP).
Long time no see Craig, great to see your brilliance shining again on the blogosphere.
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Southwest Fox – what a conference

Oh man I wish I coulda been at Southwest Fox – do those crazy kids know how to run a conference!
Doug has the full rundown of Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4.
Congratulations to the team of Doug, Rick and Tamar on an amazing achievement.
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VFP: Did someone mention FoxPro?

Apparently there was some news about a Visual FoxPro release this week. I searched but couldn’t find anything :-). Except this, this, this, this, this, this. (To be fair to myself I did mention it on my link blog here.) Or perhaps I was getting it confused with this article about’s new Visual Force, which David Berland likened to an on-demand version of FoxPro. The...

VFP: Sydney VFP special event 17 Oct 2007

I’m excited that we have Nick Neklioudov in Sydney in mid-October, coming to give us a special Sydney Visual FoxPro User Group presentation. Click here for Sydney VFP User Group Special Event details Nick will be presenting a session on using Drag and Drop in Visual FoxPro forms. Drag and Drop is an important usability element of applications, but is often neglected, especially in already...

VFP: Importing VFP data into SQL Server

I’ve written an article outlining How to use SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) to import Visual FoxPro data into SQL Server. The article is reasonably basic and covers: Using SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio to create the package and manage errors Using SQL Server Management Studio to create the Integration Service Using SQL Agent job to schedule it Gotchas...