VFP: VFPx and Southwest Fox


VFPxIt’s been a little while since I visited the VFPx site – and boy is it coming along nicely. (For those that don’t know VFPx is the open source add-on community for Visual FoxPro)

I like how they’ve categorised all the projects by Release type: Production, Release Candidate, Beta, Alpha, etc. VFPx is the place to get all the Sedna goodness of course, but there’s also plenty of other useful projects like the ThemedControls and FoxCharts.


Southwest Fox 2008, Mesa, AZ, October 16 - 19, 2008The reason I was looking through the site is because I watched Doug Hennig’s Explorer Interfaces video (available from the link on his blog post here – I’ve deliberately not linked to the video itself in case he moves it to YouTube or other location). His video is a little taste of what you can expect at Southwest Fox later this year. And speaking of Southwest Fox (October 16-19), I’m stunned by the lineup of speakers and sessions. Not to mention the rock bottom price. Oh how I wish I could be there.

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