ISP: iiNet spreads the love


I’m not really one for writing critical posts – frankly I just don’t have the energy…

But I’m also not really one for saying thank you either – and this is something I really should be doing more of.

Sure, there’s heaps of minor irritations every day, but in the scheme of things I think I’ve got it pretty good.

And on top of all the big good things I’m lucky enough to enjoy, I seem to get more than my fair share of little good things too.

Here’s a simple example. iiNet, my ISP ever since I switched to broadband all those years ago (5+ probably), sent me a little email tonight letting me know they’ve increased my quota. They’ve done this previously, and it’s probably indicative of their general approach.

iiNet increases my quota for free

There’s probably plenty of good reasons for them to have done it (I’ve heard the odd complaint about them lately, ISP churn is on the rise, etc) but for me, I’ll simply say:

Thank you iiNet

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