Precious Way by The Machinations

Back in the early 80s when I was just finding my way as a struggling teenager The Machinations were a fave. Imagine my disbelief and surprise, when I found out just last night that the song is not actually called Precious Way and is in fact Pressure Sway. And to further destroy any self-belief I had about knowing 80s music I also learned that they are just Machinations – there’s no... – A new language for low-level coders

It’s rare these days for me to get excited about a new language – because frankly it seems as though there are so many new ones, and yet so little value that they provide. Which is why it’s pleasantly surprising, on this quiet Monday morning, to see the release of a new scripting language that actually improves the development experience. I’m talking of course about Binary...

Microsoft Announces new language: Db.NET

In a perhaps unsurprising move, Microsoft has chosen this Sunday to announce their latest .NET language: Db.NET The release comes a day prior to the conference commencing in Seattle on Monday. Dubbed as vNext.NET the language features a number of key enhancements including the new Ostinato Framework,  Morendo Garbage Collection systems and Cantando Installer.   Read more about Db...

WordPad Zero Day exploit

OMG, panic! But don’t be distracted by that other zero day exploit (you know, the Internet Explorer one), here’s where your security gaze should be firmly focused: WordPad. It turns out that WordPad has a significant exploit. And by significant, I mean it affects at least one person. I strongly recommend WordPad users (both of you) stay glued to your browser screens (here) in anticipation of...

Bogus tips for IT Managers

Any blog that has 4 Ps in its title is worth reading in my book. That aside, I’ve been reading Phil Factor’s Phrenetic Phoughts (oh hang on, that’s only 3 Ps – you tricked me with that clever similar sounding thing Phil) for years now. It’s always a classic read. And for managers like me, his tips are gold. Take his series on hints for aspiring IT managers. If I happen to find myself...

Do more with this Ad

I spotted this gem on MSDN tonight (yeah, slow night…). Above the annoying flashing ad was a link titled ‘Do more with this Ad’. You got me. I clicked it. Amazing, they’re after my feedback. They care about me. My opinion counts. I submitted my response, refreshed the page and waited expectantly for the refreshing change it would bring to my browsing experience. Can you guess what...

TIP: How to be an annoying presenter #1 – the ZoomIt virus

I consider myself an average presenter. Not terrible, but not great. I’m working on being a great presenter. To this end, as well as working on what I should be doing, I’ve also been spending time analysing what should be avoided. Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be sharing a few tips on what not to do. Most of course are things I’ve been doing for years, and only recently woken up...

Advice for would-be CIOs

I don’t know if you read CIO magazine. I do because I plan on being a CIO in the next 5 years. Of course, I realise that reading a magazine won’t make you into a CIO, but it sure does highlight the skills you need to work on. Take last month’s edition for example. In the Generation Tech article, the following advice popped up (p37 June/July edition): “In part CIOs of the future will...

Microsoft Fiji naming fiasco – not the first time

Having your code name objected to is nothing new. This (possibly hoax) story about Fiji (the island nation) objecting to Microsoft’s use of ‘Fiji’ as a code name is nothing new. Most recently this happened when the Visual FoxPro team were releasing the Sedna Add-ons and received numerous complaints from the inhabitants of Neptune :-)
(via Mary Jo Foley)
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Gobbledygook – graphed

What a classic – David Meerman Scott analyses the use of meaning phrases by news services.
Topping the list: 'next generation', 'robust' and 'world class'.
See also his Gobbledygook Manifesto.
Great stuff – perfect for your next game of wank bingo.

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