Precious Way by The Machinations


Back in the early 80s when I was just finding my way as a struggling teenager The Machinations were a fave.

Imagine my disbelief and surprise, when I found out just last night that the song is not actually called Precious Way and is in fact Pressure Sway.

And to further destroy any self-belief I had about knowing 80s music I also learned that they are just Machinations – there’s no ‘The’ before their name.

My mind is blown.

I guess it’s another one of those misunderstood song names like Alex The Seal (Our Lips Are Sealed), Four Letter Woman (More Than A Woman) and Climb Every Mountain (I’m Every Woman). Not that I’ve ever mixed those up of course. No, of course not.

But, back to Machinations and let’s finish with my favourite of theirs:

Sit back. Turn the speakers up. Press Play. Reminisce. Even if it’s just to see the old Countdown logo.

You’re welcome.


    • That’s a good excuse Doug :-) Some classic misheard lyrics on that site, although my particular mishearing wasn’t noted, which makes it a little more embarrassing for me since it seems no one else has made the mistake.

  • I reckon the confusion was deliberate. “Precious way” makes more sense in the context of the other lyrics. It was a play on words.

By Craig Bailey