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I’m thinking of starting a new tech blog called Startup Reviews*, where I review every single new startup that I hear about.

Without exception I’ll predict they will fail, and I’ll further predict they will fail within 2 years. Regardless of how good their product idea, what their business model is, or previous success. I’ll just blanket predict they will fail.

After a year or two I’ll start quietly bragging about my high percentage of correct predictions (likely to be around 80%), and position myself as an industry veteran** who can spot a failure a mile away.


* is taken, but is available if I was silly enough to actually waste time doing this

** I loved Ben Thompson’s point in a recent update*** when referring to tech journalists who change their views on a company after said company releases results:

He was totally wrong to be a bull! To suddenly become a bear after terrible results isn’t good analysis, it’s reporting. Actually, it’s worse than that: it’s no better than what you might get from a newsbot (“If results poor, say company is in trouble. If results good, say company is doing well.”).

*** I’m a Stratechery Daily Update member – which I highly recommend if you like reading considered, insightful, strategic analysis of what’s happening in tech


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By Craig Bailey