Bogus tips for IT Managers


Phil Factor - more gold!Any blog that has 4 Ps in its title is worth reading in my book. That aside, I’ve been reading Phil Factor’s Phrenetic Phoughts (oh hang on, that’s only 3 Ps – you tricked me with that clever similar sounding thing Phil) for years now. It’s always a classic read.

And for managers like me, his tips are gold. Take his series on hints for aspiring IT managers. If I happen to find myself reading his posts on the train there’s a good chance people around consider me a raving loony as I unexpectedly crack up and laugh out loud. Recommended.

Today’s moment:

Project-management software is essential. This is because just a small amount of data will produce reams of print-outs with esoteric graphs, calculations and reports. When ever anybody queries the status of one of your projects, just hand them the folder with all the printouts. The more data you put into project-management software, the more wildly impressive it looks.


Phil, you’ve done it again.

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By Craig Bailey