More WeWork lols

Further to my post a few days back, here’s Scott Galloway’s epic WeWork takedown. The last round $47 billion “valuation” is an illusion. SoftBank invested at this valuation with a “pref,” meaning their money is the first money out, limiting the downside. The suckers, idiots, CNBC viewers, great Americans, and people trying to feel young again who buy on the...

Finding your brand voice

At GROW with HubSpot earlier this week, one of the sessions was by Erik Newcomb from Shopify, talking about strategies for future proofing your brand. Part of his session focussed on the benefit of having a distinct brand voice. An example he highlighted was Naadam – an online fashion brand. Here’s their True Story video: Quirky, funny, compelling. I find this kind of stuff...

Learning SEO

Here’s an article about the best articles about learning SEO.

A link for you Kevin. You’re welcome.

Tonight’s the night

This is sooooo Michele and me…
Below is the start of the comic, make sure you click through to see the full comic and final panel – it pretty much nails it.

Make sure you click through to see the final panel.
(btw Why did I not include the entire comic here? Because the artists asked nicely here – and I want to support them)

Startup Reviews

I’m thinking of starting a new tech blog called Startup Reviews*, where I review every single new startup that I hear about. Without exception I’ll predict they will fail, and I’ll further predict they will fail within 2 years. Regardless of how good their product idea, what their business model is, or previous success. I’ll just blanket predict they will fail. After a...

Precious Way by The Machinations

Back in the early 80s when I was just finding my way as a struggling teenager The Machinations were a fave. Imagine my disbelief and surprise, when I found out just last night that the song is not actually called Precious Way and is in fact Pressure Sway. And to further destroy any self-belief I had about knowing 80s music I also learned that they are just Machinations – there’s no... – A new language for low-level coders

It’s rare these days for me to get excited about a new language – because frankly it seems as though there are so many new ones, and yet so little value that they provide. Which is why it’s pleasantly surprising, on this quiet Monday morning, to see the release of a new scripting language that actually improves the development experience. I’m talking of course about Binary...

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