Innovation: Idea versus Execution

When it comes to understanding innovation, it’s easy to fixate on the idea, and neglect the execution. It’s why for example when Apple announced that their new iPhone 6 devices had NFC chips to facilitate their Apple Pay offering they were criticised for not being innovative, and instead just copying something many Android devices have had for years. “That’s not innovation...

My iPhone Apps – March 2014

This is a post purely for me to come back and review in the future for interest. I thought I’d start recording my phone app choices because it would be interesting to see how they change over time. Here’s my current two screens of app:   The Home screen is the stuff I use the most, and the second screen is stuff that I don’t use as much or are playing with (eg I’ve only...

Tim Cook says ‘bloody’

Good gracious! I was shocked. Shocked I tell you. Such profanity. As almost every tech blog on earth has reported, Tim cook lost his cool a little at a recent shareholder meeting. Asked by Justin Danhof (following Justin’s policy proposal suggestion being rejected by shareholders) about whether ‘he would commit right then and there to doing only those things that were...

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