My iPhone Apps – March 2014


This is a post purely for me to come back and review in the future for interest.

I thought I’d start recording my phone app choices because it would be interesting to see how they change over time.

Here’s my current two screens of app:

iPhone Home screen iPhone Screen 2

The Home screen is the stuff I use the most, and the second screen is stuff that I don’t use as much or are playing with (eg I’ve only recently downloaded WhatsApp, but haven’t really found a use for it yet).

Threes is particularly addictive though, and may get promoted to my Home screen soon.

One thing I’d like is a setting in iOS that would automatically order my Home screen based on the app usage (ie the most used apps automatically went to my Bar or the top left). The downside would be it changing all the time, but I suspect after a while it would stabilise.

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