Alcohol advertising


I wonder* how long it will be before alcohol advertising is banned in Australia – on television, radio, magazines, bill boards, bus shelters, online, etc.

And further, how long before it is banned from TV shows in the form of regular activities (ie normalising).

In Australia we banned tobacco advertising in 1976.

The topic itself is complex, as are the costs to society.

Part of the problem is that drinking in moderation can be healthfully managed, compared to cigarettes where even minor use is likely to be harmful.

Banning advertising for a product that has both healthy usage and unhealthy usage is difficult (eg to take an extreme silly example, we wouldn’t ban advertising kitchen knives just because they might be used in an unhealthy way).

James Bond doesn’t smoke any more, but he certainly drinks. I wonder for how long.

*my wife raised this topic with me recently – a very interesting discussion

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By Craig Bailey