Windows LiveWriter update


The Live team released a new beta of Windows Live Writer a month or so ago (they are calling this one a Preview in some places, an Update in others) and I give it the thumbs up.

I’ve always been impressed with LiveWriter – in fact I think it’s one of the better tools Microsoft has put out (World Wide Telescope is another – download it here – but more on that in another post).

This version adds some nice little touches to an already great product. The most obvious is the tabs at the bottom of the screen – you can now easily switch between Preview and Edit the HTML (previously you did this via the View menu or View drop down in the toolbar).

Tabs in Windows LiveWriter

Windows LiveWriter - see the tabs at the bottom - very nice

Oh, and I like how LiveWriter thinks that LiveWriter is a spelling mistake.

Windows Liverwort

(Yep, Liverwort would be a better name)

There’s a bunch of other stuff in this release, including the revamped SDK.

(via Al Nyveldt)

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