Bill Gates interview about finishing up at Microsoft


There’s a nice little interview with Bill Gates up on Channel 9. The first 8 minutes are the best as Bill covers what a Chief Software Architect should do (summary: ensure different teams work together), and his thoughts on Ray Ozzie (note to self: perhaps I need to give Ray a second chance – I’ve been completely unimpressed with him to date, but if Bill thinks so highly of him then I’ve obviously missed something).

He goes on to the future of Windows (mildly interesting, but have your woffle filter on), and then many-core computing (an important re-confirmation that parallel computing is the future). Software composition and Search are covered as well.

My favourite line is when Bill talks about the complexity of their data-centre plans with millions of servers, and he sums it up by saying: ‘It’s a fun software problem to solve’. At the 23:34 mark he must have mentioned some Mesh related top secret code word, because it was bleeped out! Oh, and he plays Bridge. The interview concludes with a call to action: give your time, expertise and money to a good cause.

As always, Bill is definitely worth watching.

(And I’m impressed with Charles? who conducted the interview – nicely done.)

Here’s the video on C9 (and here’s the link in case you can’t see the embed below – there’s a Download link at the bottom of it)

Bill Gates: Transitioning into the Future

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By Craig Bailey