Werner Vogels – Chief of the Year 2008


Amazon’s CTO – Werner Vogels – has been awarded the Information Week Chief of the Year title. He’s quickly given the credit to his team of course, legend that he is.

Now, it’s easy to be cynical of awards – it seems that sometimes companies/twitter abusers/magazines/etc just create them as a marketing device – but regardless, it’d be hard to disagree with the decision in this case. His humility (if you’ve been reading his blog for a while), ability to see the future, and downright scary intellect are  pretty impressive.

Here’s how Information Week describes Werner:

“Amazon’s 50-year-old CTO has emerged as the right person at the right time and place to guide cloud computing–until now, an emerging technology for early adopters–into the mainstream. He not only understands how to architect a global computing cloud consisting of tens of thousands of servers, but also how to engage CTOs, CIOs, and other professionals at customer companies in a discussion of how that architecture could potentially change the way they approach IT.” (Source: Information Week)

Here’s how Werner describes Amazon:

"In my eyes, Amazon is probably the world’s largest distributed system." (page 3 of article).

Yep, thanks to you it is.

Werner has been edging into my *heroes* list for a little while now – joining the likes of Jonathan Schwartz, Bill Gates and lately Ray Ozzie.

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By Craig Bailey