VFP: Talman is hiring


As Rahul has posted, Talman is looking for two more staff to build our VFP team:

  1. A Senior VFP Developer
  2. A Senior QA + Testing professional

There are details on the links about how to apply.

Please note: the roles are only open to Australian permanent residents at this stage.

What’s interesting about this is that we are growing our VFP team (ie they are not replacements for people leaving). We have an ever growing backlog of VFP work. What’s really strange is that our Web work is drying up (something that I thought would be overflowing at the moment) but our VFP work is going nuts. We are seriously considering ‘realigning’ (warning: management wank-speak in use) our business completely around VFP – there’s too much money to be made…

Anyone else having this ‘problem’ :-) ?


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