SBTUG: Web 2.0 and Connected Systems presentations available


Looks like Rahul‘s beaten me to it again… the presentations from Wednesday night’s sessions at SBTUG are up.

A quick report: Steven Ringo gave a very good overview of Web 2.0, where it is used, popular sites, how it can be used in business and where it is headed. Most useful.

Scott Scovell (and yes, Rahul, I agree, he is a guru) managed to cram a comprehensive overview of the entire Connected Systems space into 40 minutes – an incredible feat. In fact it was overwhelming.

The thing about Connected Systems is that it is so broad and all-encompassing, that it is hard to get a take on it. And that’s why Scott’s session was so valuable. The important point is that Microsoft (and others of course) are making a huge (ahem, gigantic, massive) investment in it. As Scott noted in his session, 10 years ago XML was just a fad that a few techies talked about and the majority dismissed (OK, maybe not quite but you get the point) and then it became the very lifeblood of just about everything we do today. [By the way I wonder if VFP will ever support XML? – that’s a joke folks]. An in a similar way, Connected Systems is not really understood by the masses. Of course, XML is a mechanism, whereas Connect Systems is a strategy, so it’s not really the same, but the point is that if you want to be at the forefront of technology in the next few years, you need to be understanding Connected Systems.

Scott’s session is here

Steve’s session is here

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