VFP: OzFox 2007 is only 3 days away


That’s right folks, only a few days to go until the FoxPro mayhem starts… www.ozfox.com.au

One thing I’m really glad about is that we’ve easily covered all our costs this time! This might sound strange, but as some know, last time I ran the conference we made a big loss. Much of this was my fault and I’m especially thankful that Peter (Talman’s MD) has given me another chance to run it.

The other great thing is that Nicole (from Talman) has done a great job organising everything (and in fact is probably the reason we have covered costs :-).

So, sitting here a few days out I’m feeling great. Everything is organised, all costs are covered, the speakers are just about to arrive and the weather is looking fantastic. It’s gonna be an enjoyable, stimulating conference.

Tomorrow morning I’m picking up Doug and Rick from the airport and showing them around this wonderful city. If the weather is the same as today it is going to be ideal for them.

To those who have registered, see you on Sunday. Here’s a link to what you should bring…

We’ve still got space for 2 more to attend, so if you haven’t yet registered, now’s the time…


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By Craig Bailey