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Here’s a link to my FoxPro Top Tens presentation from last Wednesday at the Sydney VFP User Group:


Basically, my hope would be that none of these links are new, rather they are just a recap of some of the great FoxPro resources available. But, there may be a new link or two for you (eg did you know that Rick Strahl has two blogs, one VFP based the other more .Net based?)

A word on how I chose these Top 10s. They are all resources I have used in the past or am currently using. There are some obvious links missing (eg one member reminded me about Experts Exchange) simply because I haven’t used them much. (My filter in the presentation was to only link to stuff I had used and could thus recommend).

If you’ve got any other ‘must-have’ resources that I missed, please drop a comment here.

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By Craig Bailey