tvCAD – Aussie Technology Success Story


My friend Ewen (CADbloke) has been beavering away on tvCAD for many years now, polishing it into a successful software venture.

It’s a niche piece of software, here’s the overview from his site:

tvCAD makes cable schedules from your CAD wiring drawings, automatically and quickly and 100% accurately.


Very specific audience, very specific problem set, very specific solution.

And it works well – he now has local and international companies as clients using his software every day.

He also has other CAD related tools including CADreplace, an alternative to AutoCAD’s FIND command (it has a free trial if you want to check it out).

This is what we need more of – talented developers, building impactful software that solves real problems.

A welcome anti-dote to the WeWork news that has been capturing my attention lately.

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By Craig Bailey