Test and Measure


In our podcast, Ian and I are always reminding our listeners to ‘test and measure’ – that is, to continually test new things and check if they work. If they do, double down. If they don’t, testing something else.

Here’s an example of Instagram making changes based on analysing results.

You don’t need to understand the actual item in the Insta example, instead understand the approach. Here’s a product with more than a billion users and they are still finding areas where people don’t like it or find it useful or use it.

If that’s occurring for a big company, it’s probably happening for much smaller cases as well ie you and me.

Here’s a few takeaway:

  • which content is working for you?
  • what landing pages are converting?
  • which emails are getting opened and clicked?
  • which leads are converting into customers?

It sounds obvious (and it is) and yet I have to reminder myself every week (every day?) to keep reviewing results, and continue testing new ideas.

How about you?

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By Craig Bailey