Things I Like


Thing I LikeNo particular reason for this post except to mention a few things I’m liking at the moment – feel free to move along now…

  • Let’s Golf 2 – I’m not really a golfer, but this iPhone game has me hooked.
  • Glenmorangie – taking a big risk and trying something different from my usual Macallan 12 yo, I’ve gone for a Glenmorangie Sherry Wood Finish. A bit stronger than I’m used to, but not too bad.
  • Orianthi – surprisingly cool album from Adelaide’s guitar virtuoso. Is there any album John (Josh) Freese doesn’t play drums on these days?
  • Good health – easy to take for granted… until you get sick of course. Michele has been really, really sick this past week (poor thing) so I’m particularly grateful I’ve managed to avoid it, so far…
  • Chuck Season 2 – We’ve just finished watching Season 2 of this highly believable show: Nerd guy has CIA database in his brain and kick-ass hot chick as a sidekick. Plus Adam Baldwin. Good times.

What are you liking at the moment?

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By Craig Bailey