Freedom to grow again

Life is a series of experiences. Some experiences are good. Some are bad.

Life is also a series of relationships. Some relationships end well. Some end… not so well. Of those that don’t end well, it’s only rarely that we get the chance to revisit them and find out what went wrong. To resolve them. To find closure.

This week I was fortunate enough to be given closure on a (business) relationship that went wrong a number of years ago. It had ended abruptly and badly, leaving me bewildered – floundering in self-doubt and guilt. A deeply significant event in my life.

But that all changed this week. In a brave move (for me at least) we met and talked. In fact, we talked until we had nothing more to say – we were talked out. And in the process I learnt a lot of things. Things I’d done wrong. Things I’d misunderstood. Things I’d never even imagined could have been perceived of me. Even things I’d assumed I’d done wrong but in fact hadn’t. Some hurt. But overall it was a wonderful lifting of burden. A lingering psychological wound was finally cleansed. Closure. It’s a rare gift.

So as the fog lifts, the walls fall down, the dam breaks, a new day dawns, etc, etc, the only question I really ask is: why did I wait so long?

If there’s unfinished business in one of your former relationships, perhaps it’s time…


  • I too am looking for a form of closure. My career has
    spanned both the business and educational sectors.
    Bringing the two together has proved elusive. Now I
    think I’ve found a way.
    If you recall at the last SWUG meeting I showed you a
    way of speedy text entry on mobile devices. This
    involved learning to ‘intuit’ if a word from a
    predictive text vocabulary was likely to appear.
    Actually learning to input text at the ‘speed of
    thought’ (this of course varies from person to person)
    is in some ways secondary.

    The important thing as educational research is showing
    is to involve as many areas of the brain as possible –
    brain ‘plasticity’. This means that anyone including
    business becomes more creative and productive in
    problem solving.
    It occurs to me that business -people who show a
    certain amount of creativity are more your ‘ideal’
    clients. They are the ones more likely to ‘return
    consultation’ since they will continually be looking
    for ways to improve their online presentation.

    The Premier’s innovation prizes will be presented in a
    bit. One of the categories is two businesses which can
    show a symbiotic relationship -i.e. working toge ther
    for the benefit of both businesses. The $25,000 would
    be cool but the important thing is the exposure both
    businesses would achieve.
    So there it is. We both have an interest in creative
    problem solving. I want to foster it, you want to
    leverage its potential for developing a strong online
    presence. Should we talk?

By Craig Bailey