The Kindness Before the Storm


As I write this, Threads (the new social platform from Meta) has just passed 100M users. In 5 days. Interesting times.

I’m really enjoying the freedom of a fresh start. I have hardly any followers on Threads and thus don’t feel at all constrained in what I share. 

This might seem odd (for a marketer to say) but for me there’s a pressure on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram – due to me having been on them right from the start and being part of communities that I’m no longer really involved in (eg for the first 20 years of my career I was heavily involved in the Microsoft community, and as such most of my connections on Twitter and LinkedIn are from those days). Whilst logically this probably seems strange, personally it has been a (perceived) constraint for me. Let’s see how Threads goes – I suspect it will be my main channel.

It’s early days though, and if there’s a common sentiment I’m seeing it’s that: everyone loves how kind, polite and positive the place is so far. But there is an underlying dread of what it will become once all the rage, clickbait (and marketers!) turn up. I share this fear. The mute button will likely be getting a big workout in coming weeks. The app is basic so far and will improve quickly. I won’t bother mentioning any specific features here, because by the time you read this, they’ll likely be there (hello Follower tab).

What’s your thoughts on Threads so far?

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