Techmeme de-clickbait-ifying


Techmeme is the first thing I check every morning. It’s my window to the tech world. One of things I really appreciate is their human editing of headlines. Not only do they de-clickbaitify, but they also add details that help to communicate the real story.

Here’s a story from The Verge:

Apple updates iTunes with a ‘simpler’ design that doesn’t really help

And here’s the Techmeme augmented version:

Apple releases iTunes 12.4, brings back left sidebar, but doesn’t address core issues with navigation and possibly makes it worse

Here’s a headline from The Washington Post:

What happened when a professor built a chatbot to be his teaching assistant

And here’s the much more useful Techmeme version:

Computer science professor successfully used IBM’s Watson to make an AI teaching assistant for answering questions online

Next time you plan something, write something, send something, make sure you are adding value, not squandering attention.

There’s a reason I head to Techmeme everyday, and hardly ever to The Verge.

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