Podcasting thoughts I agree with


I liked Marco Arment’s thoughts about Apple’s dominant position in the podcast world. It was a response to this NYT article. Speaking about Apple’s role in podcasting Marco writes:

Apple has only ever used its dominant position benevolently and benignly so far, and as the medium has diversified, Apple’s role has shrunk. The last thing podcasters need is for Apple to increase its role and dominance.

And the last thing we all need is for the “data” economy to destroy another medium.

Being a podcaster myself I’m actually a data fan (was going to say a ‘big data fan’, but that would confuse things) and love analysing analytics to learn more about interactions and behaviours. So my natural tendency is to want more – especially with podcasting where the data available is definitely light. But in the scheme of things I’m persuaded heavily by Marco’s comments (and John Gruber’s).

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