Stressful week


Thankfullness after a stressful week.

I write this on a Sunday, following a stressful week of sorts.

About two weeks ago my dad found out he had a cancerous lump (I won’t go into details) that required immediate attention. They booked him in for surgery the following Monday (which was last Monday 21 June). At the same time my grandma went into hospital with chest pains.

So, on the day of dad’s surgery I sent an email to my home group (this is a group of friends from church – we meet together and study the bible every week or so) asking them to pray for his surgery. We’d leave it in God’s hands.

I visited my gran and she was looking a little out of it at first but then picked up – apparently she has these kinds of ‘episodes’ so she told me not to worry. I do worry a bit though. Thankfully she recovered and has now gone back to her unit. The hospital did a range of tests and ruled out anything major. In her own words she is ‘…just getting old’. Perhaps.

Dad came though the surgery magnificently. He recovered really quickly and was home on Thursday (4 days after the surgery and a day earlier than expected). They managed to do it key-hole style so there is no life style side effects. On Friday we got the good news that the lump was removed in full and it looks like that is the end of the matter. Dad is home and will be out picking avocados on the farm soon. My mum is quite relieved as well as you can imagine, she put on a very brave face through the whole thing. Sometimes these things come quite suddenly and are a good reminder of how fragile we are. I try to make a habit of giving them to God to sort out. I’m never sure how he’ll answer prayer, except that he definately will answer it, and with the best answer (although it isn’t always to my liking – just check out how Billy Graham is suffering, I trust God is doing it for a good reason).

Finishing the week was good – my wife finished her uni exams on Friday and I finished my final Microsoft MCSD exam on the same day – so we had a relaxing Friday night watching Tru Calling and Law & Order episodes we’d taped, with Chinese home delivery.

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