Single Malt Scotch


Becoming a Scotch connoisseur.

A few weeks back I borrowed a book from my brother in law on Single Malt Scotch (Michael Jackson’s Malt Whisky Companion) which is a fascinating read. I never thought a book about a drink would be so interesting. Anyway I have been so taken with the concept that I have decided to become a scotch drinker. And to make matters worse I am thinking of becoming one of those wankers that pontificate about the side of the valley that the water flowed down to give it its peaty flabour blah blah.

You know those wine drinkers that go on about the nuances of the grape etc and incite the wrath of everyone else at the table that just wants a good drop? Yeah, well maybe more of a caricature than a reality, but you get my point.

I thought I’d become a bit like that with Scotch. So, I bought my first bottle last night. I went for something mid range, a Glenfiddich 12 year old, which was on special. It only gets a 75 in MJ’s book as I don’t want to start at the top just yet. I will work my way up to the Lagavulins and The Macallans.

Interstingly there is a bit of a shortage on Lagavulin in Australia at the moment. Many of the bottle shops are out of stock and the few that do have it overpriced. I was browsing in a shop in Lane Cove the other day and a 12 year old was going for $115 (normal price would be around $90) – that’s supply and demand for you.

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