Keep this a secret.

I don’t know why more people don’t use libraries. They are the biggest rort around. You get really cool, useful stuff for free.

My wife put me onto this library thing about a year ago.

Basically you go to the shops and check out what is new in the book stores. It could be the latest Robert Ludlum, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, whatever. Anything that catches your eye.

Then you log onto to your library web site and check if they have it. Most likely if it is new it will be on order, so you just click the ‘Place hold’ button and put in your card number. In the next few weeks the library will have it ready. They even send you a note in the mail to tell you to collect it. At our library they charge a whopping $1.50 for this service.

But it gets better – if they already have it ‘in stock’ you just go and pick it up for free. Unbelievable.

OK, there are some downsides – the main one is that on new releases you can’t just ‘have it now’, you usually have to wait. The second is that if it is an older title it may be in poor condition. And occasionally there may be some food crumbs in the book if it has been borrowed by a big slob before you.

But, hey you don’t have to borrow it.

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