So it goes


I love Stratechery for a whole bunch of reasons related to tech, insight and the larger picture. And also for the occasional tidbits like last Tuesday’s note that alerted me to the origins of the phrase ‘so it goes’. It’s from Kurt Vonnegut’s 1969 book Slaughterhouse-Five.

From the New Yorker earlier this year:

“I had not remembered, until I reread “Slaughterhouse-Five,” that that famous phrase “So it goes” is used only and always as a comment on death.” 

The New Yorker

Which lead me to The Guardian in 2007:

‘So it goes.’ The words recur throughout the book each time a death is recorded and what they imply lies at the centre of any understanding of Vonnegut’s work: fatalism, stoicism and the acceptance that no use will come of shrinking away when the worst has happened.

The Guardian

And for the full story about Slaughterhouse-Five, Wikipedia is totally acceptable.

Thanks also to Taylor Swift.

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