I think I’m a fearful person…


We all have fears. About lots of things.

I’ve been thinking about how to be more courageous. Perhaps aiming to be fearless?

First thing I thought I’d do is list out a bunch of the things I’m fearful about. Here’s just a few – I’m fearful of:

  • harm
  • discomfort
  • pain
  • change
  • speaking at events
  • meeting people
  • striking up conversations
  • doing hard work
  • not having a mission
  • ill health
  • being left behind
  • being ignored
  • not being liked
  • looking stupid
  • writing blog posts (see previous point)
  • writing sales emails
  • etc, etc

Thinking about these, it seems they generally boil down to two key fears:

  • being rejected
  • feeling helpless

Or put another way – I crave control.

Next step – to work out how I can break my addiction to control.

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