Shower Thinking


UPDATE: I’ve been using the AquaNotes Aqua Notepad for the last few weeks, and highly recommend it!

Waterproof notepadI think best when I’m standing. And particularly well when I’m having a shower. In fact – but don’t picture this – some of my best ideas have been captured only as a result of me rushing out of the shower to excitedly explain a thought to my wife before they were lost in post shower distractions (drying, dressing and so forth). Too much information? Yes, probably.

But here’s where you might be able to help me (and my wife :-)). For a while I’ve been trying to find a simple way of recording ideas whilst in the shower. Surely there’s a simple waterproof notepad that I can use? However, it seems they’re difficult to find.

The best so far seems to be The Droodle (pictured at right), but before I order one I thought I’d check for any ideas from you dear reader. There’s a few other options around including this and this, but whilst they claim to be fine in rain, I’m not sure they’ll survive a strong, hot shower.

Any thoughts? I’d appreciate any recommendations you can give.


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By Craig Bailey