Video Ezy Chatswood


Video Ezy - ChatswoodJust wanted to give a shout out to our local DVD store: Chatswood Video Ezy (link to store).

They’re just down on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Neridah Street near Chatswood Chase.

Why this post?

Well, two reasons. The first is mentioned in my disclaimer at the bottom, but the second – and most important – is because we want more people to patronise them.

We’ve been happy customers there for more than a decade, and currently take advantage of their $39.95 a month membership. There’s no lock-in, so we can cancel at any time. And we get to hire 4 DVDs at once. Overnight videos need to be returned (or renewed) the next day, but 3 day and weekly hires we can keep as long as we like.

This latter feature is particularly useful for watching TV shows, which we do a lot. Oh, and that’s another thing – they have a great TV show range. Just about every show you can think of (eg The Wire, The Tudors, Life, NCIS, The L-Word, Breaking Bad, Heroes, Bones, Sarah Connor Chronicles, etc as well as all the comedies 2 1/2 men, Seinfeld, Scrubs, How I met Your Mother, etc) are there. In fact they have one of the best ranges of TV shows I’ve seen (and I’ve been to at least one other store :-)). And bonus, on the older shows hiring the entire series counts as one DVD.

But the best part –> the staff: Matt, Chelsea, Lucy, Jack, Andie, Hannah, Angie, Bec & Adrian – they all rock. Sometimes we go in just to chat to the staff – they should set up a little cafe in there. Flat White with one please!

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[Their other claim to fame is they have the 4th largest blue-ray collection in the state. But this is useless to us since we don’t have a blu ray player. :-( … yet]

(Disclaimer: this post is also part of an experiment)