Public transport


Every time I see a bus packed with people, I say a silent thank you to all of the passengers.

I can’t help but think of this comparison:

Car versus bus versus bike
(via: Going Car Free)

Taking public transport, even when it’s crowded, or rainy, or hot is a valuable contribution to society. If only more people did it when possible (I totally get that it’s often not feasible).

We don’t need more roads, we need more public transport. It’s been said many times.

Which is why when I see suggestions like this (that has been massively shared on social) I shake my head – all that design and initiative wasted as they try to solve the effects of the problem and not the problem itself:

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  • I agree with u observation we have to maximize public buses as a mass transport alternative it is impossible to add more roads considering no more space particularly in Edsa what we need is the right rayionalization of buses and jeeps who really support the commuters during pre pandemic time the agencies need yo give importance to our stakeholders and commuters inputs for the huidance of the hovt agencies concern in piblic transport hope this message will be given the chance to talk thank u

By Craig Bailey