Opting out of NPS Surveys


On another topic entirely…

This one’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine… it seems every company I interact with these days sends me a survey of some type (usually NPS) after the most minor of contact (eg rate our service after a 30 second web chat bot interaction).

I used to ignore most of them, but then they got annoying and I started marking some of them as spam. Which probably isn’t ideal. Or fair.

I tried unsubscribing, but most would unsubscribe me from everything – which isn’t what I want: for example I usually like to receive product update emails (ie new features).

Which brings me to my point: as a user I ideally want a way to opt out of just the survey emails (NPS etc).

HubSpot is good in how they provide Email Subscription Types for  managing this. But this seems to be the exception, rather than the usual.

Here’s the takeaway: are you sending out surveys regularly? If so, make sure you offer the option to opt out of just the surveys. Otherwise you may be losing usually interested subscribers.

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By Craig Bailey