Do I Need to Show the Cookie Consent Popup?


This is a question we are asked regularly – do I need to show those annoying Cookie Consent popups?

The answer depends on: 

  • where you are located, and 
  • where your target audience is located.

Specifically for Australia, where we are based (and predominantly target), it turns out we don’t have to.

Here’s the advice from Legal Vision – an Australian Legal advisory:

“Australian businesses that operate a website are becoming more aware of their customers’ concerns when it comes to privacy and data collection. Although the cookie consent pop-up is not a mandatory requirement in Australia, you should nevertheless be considering disclosing your use of cookies on your website by way of a privacy policy. This is particularly relevant if the cookie can collect personal information from the user.”

If you’re currently displaying those popups – perhaps you turned them on with everyone else a few years ago when GDPR rolled out – worth checking for your location and target audience – you may not need to.

I turned all ours off over the weekend (I had them running for a bunch of our brands). I’ve even turned them off for the HubShots site – and ensured our Privacy policy is up to date.

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By Craig Bailey