Suggestibility and Twitter


I realised a few years ago just how suggestible I was. Possibly quite gullible as well (at least that’s what people tell me lol).

This is one of the reasons I’m not on social much – a simple ad or post in my timeline often drives behaviours that I don’t really want (eg buying things, eating things).

For the last year I’ve been running an experiment on Twitter where I mute every single account that shows me an ad. My muted account list now runs into the hundreds. To the point that now I only ever see ridiculously untargeted ads from totally irrelevant accounts (which I also mute just for the completeness of it). Often the ads are in other languages because the inventory available to target at me by Twitter is now so low.

On one hand this is a lifehack you might like to try yourself.

On the other, it’s a massive opportunity for Twitter to fix. 

But perhaps most importantly:

Take advantage of Twitter’s lack of advertising inventory

In terms of your marketing: be mindful of the limited ad inventory Twitter has (compared to Facebook especially, and Google generally). It could be a sign that there isn’t that much competition by advertisers on Twitter in your industry, and thus if your audience is potentially on Twitter, then definitely test and measure.

(I chat about this further in episode 242 of HubShots)

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By Craig Bailey