Live Services Jumpstart Day 2


image Another brain expanding day! I was so impressed with the event that I checked my impressions with a few other attendees – I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a case of me being so naive about this stuff, that any new information was a revelation :-) But no, there were many others in the same boat.

Day 2 was a little different. Where as yesterday focussed on what is possible now (with all the Live Services stuff) today focussed more on what is coming, with a particular interest in the Live Mesh framework.

As we were reminded, it’s important to consider Mesh as a framework that you can build upon, as opposed to it being just an online file storage mechanism (since storage is only a small subset of the functionality).

James and Neil delivered the content again, and I caught up with Finula Crowe and Nick Hodge from Microsoft as well as a bunch of developers I’ve met at various user groups including Nick Rayner, Michael Nemtsev, Paul Sorauer, Mark Wallis and Drew Shobbrook.

I think the best recommendation for an event I can give is when I come out inspired. And today I left dreaming up all kinds of cool ideas for how to put Live Services to business use.

If Microsoft run the Live Services Jumpstart again, I strongly recommend you attend.

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By Craig Bailey