So this is what a startup looks like


Survived my first week at nsquared. Initial signs are good :-)

Rather than prattle on about how awesome my new employer is, how we’re going to take over the world, how I’m the working with an exceptional team etc, etc, I thought I’d share a few insights into the company.

nsquared is a startup (I’ve never worked for a startup before) and as such it’s going through changes quickly. It’ll be interesting to look back on these posts in the coming months to see how things evolve.

Here’s a few photos and videos of the office. We’re in at 109 Pitt Street, in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Feel free to drop in and say hi if you are nearby.

First, our office on level 6, with meeting room and hardware testing.

nsquared Level 6 nsquared Level 6 nsquared Level 6

Here’s a walk through of level 6


Then up to level 8 where the dev team beaver away. This is reasonably new, only a month ago the team were crammed into the level 6 digs.

 nsquared team: L to R: Pierce, Yaoxing, Dimaz. Greg, Ian and Brendan

Here’s a quick walkthrough

 nsquared Level 8 nsquared Level 8 nsquared Level 8

As a startup, we’re watching every penny (not that you shouldn’t anyway!) so there’s no Herman Miller chairs or big offices for everyone just yet! But we’re well stocked where it counts: hardware. No slow machines here.

You’ll notice there’s a few spare desks. That’s because we’re planning on growing. In fact I’m looking for 3 senior developers already. More on the requirements in a later post – but feel free to shoot me through an email if you’re a top notch .NET developer looking for something exciting to sink your teeth into.

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By Craig Bailey