Hustle – The New Fragrance by Gary Vaynerchuk


I had the pleasure of attending Inbound 2016 the week before last.

One of the (many) highlights was the opening keynote by Gary Vaynerchuk – it was a strategy packed, tactics rich, onslaught of Gary Vee doing what he does best: motivating us to work harder, do better and deliver more value.

It’s all available here to watch – do yourself a favour and invest the 44 minutes – you’ll come out a smarter person:

If you’ve experienced Gary before or read any of his books, you’ll know that he’s big on hustle. That is, the attitude of working hard to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. He’s all about putting in the hard yards. So much so that if he ever releases a fragrance line, I think he’ll likely call it Hustle :-).

Just for fun here’s a mockup for your visual edification (you’re welcome) :

Hustle by @garyvee

By the way, Ian and I discuss Gary’s keynote in a little more detail in Episode 59 of HubShots – the *Unofficial* Down Under HubSpot podcast:

Here’s my Hustle challenge for 2017: interview Gary on HubShots. Just putting it out there – hold me to it.

Hustle by @garyvee


By Craig Bailey