Communication, not narcissim


This comment from Evan Spiegel (mentioned as part of the Snap, Inc Spectacles reveal in WSJ) is useful:

“People wonder why their daughter is taking 10,000 photos a day. What they don’t realize is that she isn’t preserving images. She’s talking.”

This is a key insight that most of the *older* generations don’t appreciate.

Behaviours change, and whilst a snap-happy younger generation might seem like something far removed from most marketing and sales processes today, don’t be surprised if the change is rapid. These are next decade’s CIOs and Procurement Officers. This is about communication.

Even now you likely interact with a number of suppliers and customers via text, WhatsApp, Messenger and Slack. Photos (mostly) and videos (increasingly) are a common reason why.

Make sure you appreciate what a change in interaction this is. It’s not just another communication option, it’s becoming the norm.

(via MG Siegler)

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By Craig Bailey