HubSpot and Privacy


Interesting to see that HubSpot is removing location tracking in its Activity feed.

Here’s their reasoning:

“While email tracking can prevent over-emailing and help you time your follow-up in a relevant way, the location data attached to that tracking did not add enough value to either the user or the end-customer-experience.”

Although their post mentions ‘not enough value’ I’m going to assume it is much more related to the recent Superhuman outcry and then the response from Superhuman’s CEO.

It’s probably smart for HubSpot to be proactively removing itself from future fallout (and yes, there is definitely going to be fallout across the industry).

As an aside: this is a reminder that most people don’t realise how marketers track everything. Most of the system we use track opens, locations, etc – basically, you have no privacy.

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