Critical thinking time


Last week I flew up to Brisbane to spend the weekend with my business coach and 9 other businesses (who are also working with him).

It was an entire weekend away from day to day stuff, and instead concentrating on future stuff – planning how to grow our respective businesses.

I’m pretty dubious about group activities like this – it tends to be the blind leading the blind unless it is guided well – and I’m still processing through my thoughts about it.

However, there definitely is one big takeaway for me – I need to spend more time outside my business thinking about big picture items. Thinking deeply and critically about the future.

It’s not so much about getting new ideas (as helpful or unhelpful as they may be). It about being forced to just think. To think deeply. It’s important and we all would benefit from doing it more.

And that requires discipline. To schedule it in, and say ‘No’ to all the other distractions that tempt us back to mindless activity.

A good book on this: The Road Less Stupid

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By Craig Bailey