CLARITY: SaaS versus S+S


If, like me, you'd just assumed that Software + Services (S+S) was Microsoft's way of trying to take over and re-brand an existing concept – namely Software as a Service (SaaS) – then the following diagram is a helpful corrective.

It's taken from page 18 of Issue 13 of the Architecture Journal (download here), and is a nice overview of how S+S and SaaS relate to each other.


Aside: I've tried reading this excellent magazine in soft form (ie PDF) many times (in fact I originally referred to this issue back in September). But, call me old fashioned, it wasn't until my printed copy arrived a few weeks back that I actually read and absorbed the content in depth. Amazing what you miss on screen.

It's one of the reasons I'm dubious about the Kindle (even though I'd desperately love to have one).

Anyone else have this problem?

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By Craig Bailey