TECHED: Lock note – Predicting the next 10 years in IT

Easily the best TechEd lock note I’ve seen (but then again I’ve only been to TechEd 4 times). Miha Kralj talked us through the technology changes we’ll be seeing over the next few years. If you get a chance to see his presentation (I’m sure it will be repeated at other events, or put up on a video site somewhere) make sure you do – it is well worth it. It’s difficult to do the session justice, so...

TECHED: Web futures, SQL tips, LINQ to Entities, The future of IT

Back for the final day at TechEd and I’m in good spirits – it has been a good event. Web futures (Mixed panel) Sorry folks, this was just too disorganised and ill-informed opinion for me. Seemed as though the panel hadn’t been prepped on any of the questions, and there wasn’t any overview or structure for where the discussion was headed. I left pretty quickly. FAIL.   T-SQL Tips and Tricks...

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TechEd Windows app for checking sessions :  What’s on Now?
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TECHED: PowerShell, WMI, Web high availability, SQL fulltext, REST

It was great to start the day catching up with a few people I hadn’t seen in a while (Castro powering on with SQL, and best of luck to Luis for your wedding in a few weeks). Then, onto a few sessions… Windows PowerShell and WMI (Mitch Denny) Mitch covered the basics of PowerShell (blog), which was a real eye opener for. I was lucky to have Rob Farley sitting next to me giving me pointers and tips...

TECHED: Office, SharePoint, User experience

A great first day at TechEd 2008. Keynote I missed the keynote. And deliberately so. The reason being: I slept in. I had a late-ish night and wanted to ensure I was fresh for my session in the afternoon. So I had a full 8 hours sleep and great breakfast. Sadly, this meant missing the keynote, so I’ll be reading other accounts of that later.   Evolution of the Office System User Experience...

TECHED: TechEd 2008 is on

Just home from the TechEd 2008 Welcome party. It was great to catch up with a few friends. Here’s a couple of piccys. First up, the Breeze gang in the RFID boiler room. Scott Scovell (Breeze), Rahul Garg (Microsoft) and Mick Badran (Breeze). Scott and Mick are the guys making all the RFID palava happen. Here they are looking cool, calm, well rested and non-stressed. Pictured here are Mitch Denny...

VSTO: Deployment via SharePoint

Deploying a Word document level VSTO add-in via SharePoint Actually, more correctly, we are going to deploy via ClickOnce but deliver via SharePoint. This the second demo on VSTO deployment, and follows on from my previous post about VSTO deployment via ClickOnce. It covers building a very simple Word document level add-in, deploying to a network share, uploading this to SharePoint, and then...

VSTO: Deployment via ClickOnce screencast

Deploying an Excel application level VSTO add-in via ClickOnce If you are new to VSTO deployment then this simple little screencast (just under 14 mins) may help. It covers the scenario of deploying an application level add-in via ClickOnce to a network share, and then the experience a user would have installing it. TechEd 2008 – Session DEV320: Deploying VSTO v3 Applications This is one of the...


UPDATE: I changed some wording slightly – the term ‘tracking people’ was misleading – see comments for more details :-) It’s going to be interesting to see the reactions of attendees to the RFID tag palava at this year’s TechEd in Sydney. For those who missed it, the dudes at Breeze (Mick Badran and Scott Scovell amongst others) have been working hard for the last few months putting together a...

TECHED: Interesting mix of non-bloggers

I have to say I’m very much looking forward to TechEd next week. There’s a ton of exciting things to learn about this year, and with a swag of releases under their belts I’m sure Microsoft has had a tough time putting together the session tracks. As per usual I’ll be attempting to cover almost all of the tracks and get a broad high level view of where Microsoft is heading. I love the developer...

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