VSTO: Deployment via SharePoint


Deploying a Word document level VSTO add-in via SharePoint

Actually, more correctly, we are going to deploy via ClickOnce but deliver via SharePoint.

This the second demo on VSTO deployment, and follows on from my previous post about VSTO deployment via ClickOnce.

It covers building a very simple Word document level add-in, deploying to a network share, uploading this to SharePoint, and then focusing on the experience a user would have viewing it via a SharePoint Team Site.

TechEd 2008 – Session DEV320: Deploying VSTO v3 Applications

This is the second of the demos Andrew Coates and I will be giving in our TechEd session (next Wed 3 Sep at 4pm for those interested) – see my previous post for details.


You can view it a few ways.

[UPDATE: I’ve updated this – the previous version had an extra trusted location check that wasn’t required – I’ve taken it out to avoid confusion]

Acknowledgements: As previously noted, Andrew came up with most of the examples, so if you find the demo helpful then chances are he’s the reason! And if there’s excessive woffle or mistakes, then that’d be my input :-)

Any comments?

I hope this helps.

I’m always keen to improve my demos and presentations. If you have any advice or feedback I’d love to hear it.

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By Craig Bailey