TECHED: Interesting mix of non-bloggers


I have to say I’m very much looking forward to TechEd next week. There’s a ton of exciting things to learn about this year, and with a swag of releases under their belts I’m sure Microsoft has had a tough time putting together the session tracks.

As per usual I’ll be attempting to cover almost all of the tracks and get a broad high level view of where Microsoft is heading. I love the developer sessions of course, but I really need to be across the servers, Office, architecture, security, virtualisation, UC (and plenty more).

Reading the MSDN Australia blog I was interested to see the breakdown of attendees. IT Pros are the majority (as they usually are) with 43%. Developers are 27% and Architects about 20%. Other stats (like Facebook users) are about what you’d expected (approx 45%) but the real surprise was blog stats: only 16% of attendees have a blog.

This is a good reminder that everyone is not like me! Too often we (developers) talk about our blogs, twittering, social networking involvement, use of the latest tools, etc and assume they are the norm. They’re not.

Worth remembering when engaging with colleagues, clients and even the IT savvy.

7% of TechEd attendees have a blog

(Image taken from MSDN blog)

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By Craig Bailey