TECHED: TechEd 2008 is on


Just home from the TechEd 2008 Welcome party. It was great to catch up with a few friends. Here’s a couple of piccys.

First up, the Breeze gang in the RFID boiler room. Scott Scovell (Breeze), Rahul Garg (Microsoft) and Mick Badran (Breeze). Scott and Mick are the guys making all the RFID palava happen. Here they are looking cool, calm, well rested and non-stressed.

Scott Scovell, Rahul Garg, Mick Badran

Pictured here are Mitch Denny and Michael Kordahi

Mitch Denny and Michael Kordahi

And here’s Jodie Miners, Ewen Wallace and Damana Madden (aka Geek Diva)


Catherine Eibner, Rob Farley and William

Catherine Eibner, Rob Farley

And here’s a few more… :-)

Dave, Jordan, Mahesh, Damien

Chris, Peter, Jason, Paul, Peter


Tabatha, Stephen, Shea, Rob

Last, here’s a look at some of the TechEd exhibition hall amusements

Pin ball machines

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By Craig Bailey