Advice for would-be CIOs

I don’t know if you read CIO magazine. I do because I plan on being a CIO in the next 5 years. Of course, I realise that reading a magazine won’t make you into a CIO, but it sure does highlight the skills you need to work on. Take last month’s edition for example. In the Generation Tech article, the following advice popped up (p37 June/July edition): “In part CIOs of the future will...

Microsoft Fiji naming fiasco – not the first time

Having your code name objected to is nothing new. This (possibly hoax) story about Fiji (the island nation) objecting to Microsoft’s use of ‘Fiji’ as a code name is nothing new. Most recently this happened when the Visual FoxPro team were releasing the Sedna Add-ons and received numerous complaints from the inhabitants of Neptune :-)
(via Mary Jo Foley)
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REVIEW: Premium Economy on Air New Zealand

On my recent trip to the MVP Summit I flew Premium Economy class over to the US. Premium Economy is new for Australia-USA trips and is only available via Air New Zealand (to LA) and JetStar (Star Class to Honolulu) as far as I know. Qantas will be offering the class later in the year. I thought I’d give a quick review of how Premium Economy stacks up. I’ll break this in to 3 main...

Behind on blogs – too much information

Following on from my last post, it’s interesting to see how far behind I’ve drifted in my blog reading over the last few weeks. Over 50K unread posts… Even TechCrunch (my first blog stop every day) has 215 unread posts. A number of these will be easily dismissed (eg I subscribe to general feeds like TechMeme, BlogRunner and VentureBeat) but in the main the feeds I follow are...

Twitter versus Blogs

I find it interesting that the more time I spend on Twitter, the less time I spend directly reading and writing blogs. The reason for this (besides the obvious time factor) is that I am finding more and more that most things I need to know are alerted to me via Twitter. This isn’t to say I won’t be reading and writing blogs anymore, but I’m noticing a marked decrease. Joining...

A quick catch up with Frank Arrigo

There’s plenty to talk about after the MVP Summit last week. But that’ll have to wait. For now, you can either read the shenanigans courtesy of Schnubbs’ blog, or… you can watch this quick 2 min video where a bunch of us caught up with Frank Arrigo. Can you believe he’s been in Seattle for 9 months already? Time flies.

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Being the dumbest person in the room

I really liked John Galloway's post on The Man who Knew Too Much, in which he outlines the wrong assumptions and actions we can sometimes make/take when surrounded by smart people, being too busy, etc. However, the item that caught my attention was his link to the strategy of aspiring to be the dumbest person in the room (it's about 2/3 the way down the page in Sally's answers)...

Australia said sorry today

We finally said sorry today. I agree that we removed a "stain from the soul of Australia".
An apology is a liberating event. Forgiveness is the healer.
Never underestimate the power of words.
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Valentine’s Day Happiness Strategies

A nice little series coming from the Happiness Strategies site.
This post is for singles, and dishes out the advice on how to find happiness this Valentine's day. Tough love – Dr Phil would be proud. :-)
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