When the chips are down… people play games

Should we be surprised by this Gartner report outlining the second year on year decline in PC chip sales (they’re predicting a 16.3% decline). Intel and AMD must be doing it hard, like, ahem, just about everyone in the IT industry. Well, not quite. At least games are doing well, with sales of game hardware and software in the US up by 10% over last year’s figures (that’s a nice little $3B effort...

WordPad Zero Day exploit

OMG, panic! But don’t be distracted by that other zero day exploit (you know, the Internet Explorer one), here’s where your security gaze should be firmly focused: WordPad. It turns out that WordPad has a significant exploit. And by significant, I mean it affects at least one person. I strongly recommend WordPad users (both of you) stay glued to your browser screens (here) in anticipation of a...

Perception is reality

I know I’ve harped on this in years gone by, but it needs to be top of mind for developers: Perception is reality. That is, it doesn’t matter what your app really is/does – all that matters is what your customer thinks your app is/does. That’s why a buggy, semi functional, but awesome looking application can often get the sale (or user acceptance) over a solid, does-the-job, but awful looking...

Windows Live Essentials refresh

Yes, it’s still a beta, but they’re looking good. Microsoft has released the latest version of their Live Essentials pack, including Messenger, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Family Safety, Toolbar and more. Get them here. My main interest was Windows Live Writer, which is one of my must have applications that just keeps getting better and better (which I may have mentioned before)...

BizTalk Server 2009 Beta released

As Steve Martin announced last week, the beta of BizTalk Server 2009 is now available (download here). BizTalk continues to be one of those great unknowns in the developer space it seems – even with an installed base of over 10,000 customers globally – and releases like this often slip under the radar. However, my reason for posting here isn’t to alert you to BizTalk the product (read their...

Microsoft Mobile Momentum

…seems to be slowing. Figures released last week show that for the first time, iPhone sales have been higher than Windows Mobile based phone sales. Gartner reports that Apple took a 12.9% stake in the market in Q3, ahead of Microsoft with 11.1%. Both Nokia and Blackberry were ahead with 49.8% and 15.9% respectively. Canalys report similar trends, although slightly different numbers (Apple with 17...

Microsoft navigates the economic waters carefully

Microsoft has noted that times are tough, and indicated revenue figures are flattening out (although there may be some hope in the Server and Tools Business). No real surprised there. Tough times call for prudent analysis. They’ve still been hiring, albeit at reduced rates, but are reducing budgets for the coming year. This of course falls in line with what we’ve been seeing across the industry...

Silverlight causing job losses

Not sure if this is a good thing… depends on who you are I guess.
According to this weird post on the Netflix corporate blog, they are letting go of 50 technical specialists in January due to the success of their Silverlight based player – customer service issues are way down.
Providing more with less. That’s progress.
(via Joseph Tartakoff at SeattlePI)
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Microsoft Oxite coverage

Microsoft released Oxite last week, and it garnered a lot of press (most of it enthusiastic). The Oxite story is pretty nice, as it delivers a very simple CMS/blogging tool, and as bonus it is ASP.NET MVC based, giving .NET developers a good chance to get into understanding MVC in a useful sample manner. However, you need to be aware that this is a beta version at best, and not to be rushing it...

Microsoft iPhone Apps

As Mashable and TechCrunch report, Microsoft is testing the waters with the iPhone App market, releasing a a little app: Seadragon Mobile (here’s the official announcement on the Live Labs blog). The app (available for free on iTunes App Store, allows you to browse Deep Zoom images effortlessly. Check out the simple 42 second demo on the blog. And for more on Seadragon itself, check this out...

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